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Who am I?

My name is Kim Gallegos.  I have over 23 years of law enforcement experience.

I am a Retired Parole Agent for the State of California with 17 years experience supervising convicted felons. Prior to promoting to a Parole Agent, I worked over six years in several state prisons as a Correctional Officer.

During my tenure in law enforcement, I have conducted investigations inside the prison, as well as out in the community.

Public safety, and justice are my biggest concerns.  Given that, I will not quit until we are both satisfied with the outcome of your case!

Now, as a Private Investigator, I specialize in Missing Persons, Missing Property, Fraud, Theft, and Process Serving.  If you have a need for a private investigator, I am available to discuss your case.  Please see my contact information below.

Remember, no case too big, or too small, I will solve them all!!

Kim Gallegos, a.k.a The Knee High Private I

License Number PI188377

P.O. Box 1225

Roseville, Ca 95678

Phone: 916-677-9529

Fax: 916-781-3635